The program aims at producing the PhD graduates with the attributes of innovation, scientific research and development coupled with advanced analytical skills in the field of textile engineering. The program will develop highly qualified professionals with the abilities to perform leading and advanced scientific research for the uplift of textile industry of Pakistan as well as to enhance the quality of textile related research at academic institutes. The program will play its role in elevating the global competitiveness of textile sector of Pakistan. The program will prepare PhD level postgraduates for careers in teaching, research and development and management for academia, government, and industry.

The textile manufacturing is one of the major industries of Pakistan and this industry not only contributes to about 60% of the export but also employs 40% of the industrial workforce in the country. However, textile industry is globally changing at a rapid pace and becoming more and more competitive with each passing year. While Pakistani textile industry is under pressure as other textile exporting countries have significantly improved their processes and technologies over the years as compared to Pakistan due to greater innovation, better efficiency, better R&D, more skilled workforce, greater and better postgraduate working in their industry as well as better university-industry linkages and programs. Therefore, there is a need for professionals that can carry out research on the innovative, technological, and functional issues and keep up the pace with a rapid change in them. The program will hence prepare the professionals with problem solving capabilities, with novel research backed solutions to current challenges and innovate novel functional products to be introduced in the local and global market. Our department has consulted with top textile industry in the country for their response regarding starting of the degree of PhD Textile Engineering. All of them appreciated this idea and described it as a very good step. It will also play a role in the uplift of textile related academia in Pakistan and enhance the research in the textile department of the country. In addition, number of graduated MSc Textile students have also shown keen interested to take the admission in the program of PhD textile engineering from the UET department of textile engineering. Mainly due to the reason that UET being the primer and oldest engineering institute of the country is the first choice for engineering programs.

Objective of the program:

The program objective is to foster professionals with competence in analytical thinking, innovation, critical analysis, enhanced problem-solving abilities and research skills to carry out global scientific advancement in the field of textile engineering. To prepare leaders for the academia, research and technological enterprises within the textile and related industries in order develop novel research-based products and to promote innovative research in the field of textile. It is also the objective of this program to strengthen the linkage with the industry for the mutual benefits.

Department of Textile Engineering is very active in research and innovation and visit the tab of Textile Engineering Research for further details. Department is also organizing annual international conference on sustainable textile since 2018. It has also very strong textile sustainability research group and recently announced “Textile Sustainability Working Group” which is joined by top textile industry and stake holders. For further details please visit below

Annual International Conference on Sustainable Textile

Textile Sustainability Working Group


List of Elective PhD Courses
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
TEX-601 Advanced yarn manufacturing techniques 3
TEX-602 Sustainability in textile industry 3
TEX-603 Modern characterization methods 3
TEX-604 Advanced fabric manufacturing techniques 3
TEX-605 Innovations in garment processes 3
TEX-606 Advanced textile processing 3
TEX-607 Research methods 3
TEX-608 Smart textile 3
TEX- 609 Nanotechnology in textile 3
TEX- 610 Technical textile 3