This program aims at bringing the students abreast with the most recent developments in Textile and Materials Engineering by enhancing their analytical skills and research capabilities. Textile industry is one of the major contributor to the economy, exports and employment opportunities of Pakistan. Whereas materials engineering is one of the hottest field around the globe. The modern research highly focuses on the exploration and exploitation of various materials for targeted high performance and cost effective applications. Through the enhancement of analytical skills, critical analysis and research capabilities of the students, this program tends to provide integrated recent trends, modern studies, insights into the fields of textiles and materials with directed applications to the needs of industry. The program will prepare master level post graduates for careers in teaching, research and development and management for academia, government, and industry.

The program aims at preparing the graduates for careers in R&D, teaching, management of academia, government and industry. MS students will be familiarized with the properties and applications of various advance textile processes, textile chemicals and materials. In-depth knowledge of polymeric materials, carbon fibers, metallic and bio-composite materials ranging from nanoscale to macro scale. In addition to various physical and mechanical properties, various functional aspects and applications of the textile materials will also be covered. It is also the objective of this program to establish and strengthen the linkage with the industry for the mutual benefits. Post graduates of this program will also serve in the pivotal Pakistani textile industry and will contribute in the development of the national economy. This program shall also provide a basis for continued study leading to PhD degree.

Candidates fulfilling the following criteria are eligible to apply for admission to the program, 16 years BS Textile/Materials Engineering or Engineering Technology or any other equivalent degree from HEC recognized institution with a minimum CGPA 2.5/4.00 in semester system or 60% marks in annual/term system. CGPAs on other scales will be translated accordingly.

The applicant must have to clear the subject test conducted by the department by securing at least 50% marks in it.

List of Courses Offered:

Two options, each with total credit hours of 30 are being offered:

Thesis option: 8 subjects (24 credit hours) + Thesis (6 credit hours).

Non-Thesis option: 10 subjects (30 credit hours) + Design Project

Sr. noCodeCourse TitleCredit hours
1TEX-501Research Methodology3
2TEX-502Advanced Materials3
3TEX-503Advanced Analytical Techniques3
4TEX-504Sustainable Textile3
Elective Courses    
1TEX-506Advanced Spinning Techniques3
2TEX-507Advanced Weaving3
3TEX-508Advanced Knitting3
4TEX-509Advanced Wet Processing3
5TEX-510Advanced Garment Manufacturing3
6TEX-511Nano Materials3
7TEX-512Advanced Composites3
8TEX-513Smart Materials3
9TEX-514Supply Chain Management3
10TEX-515Advanced Finishing Chemicals and Processes3
11TEX-516Advanced Surface Engineering3
12TEX-517Production and Operational Management3