Department has following well established textile labs;

  1. Mini Spinning Lab-complete range (Pakistan’s first and only such lab)
  2. Pilot Spinning Lab-complete range
  3. Weaving Lab
  4. Knitting Lab
  5. Pre-treatment, Dyeing & Finishing Lab-complete range
  6. Wet Processing Research Lab
  7. Textile Chemical Synthesis and Polymerization Lab
  8. Testing Lab (Physical & Chemical)
  9. SEM and Digital Printing Lab
  10. Pattern Cutting Lab
  11. Garment Manufacturing Lab
  12. Textile Recycling Lab
  13. Textile Computer Lab
  14. Textile Nano Materials Lab

Department has following textile testing facilities; Fabric tensile strength, Fabric tear strength, Colorfastness to washing, Air permeability, Viscosity testing, Scanning electron microscope Analysis, Flame retardency (LOI), Pilling & abrasion resistance (Martindale), Flame retardency (Vertical/Horizontal), Antimicrobial testing, Oil repellency test, Water repellency test, Soil release test, Pilling resistance (ICI), Colorfastness to crocking, Colorfastness to staining, Dimensional stability, Crease recovery angle, Absorbency test, Microscopic analysis, GMS, Fabric burst strength, Video analyzer, Thickness test, Water quality testing (TDS, pH, Conductivity etc), Chemical composition, Fabric thickness, Fabric appearance after repeated home laundering, Cotton trash content, Cotton fineness, waste recycling unit, Single yarn strength, Lea breaking strength, Perspiration fastness, Yarn twist, Color difference Delta E, Reflectance, Transmittance, Whiteness index, Yellowness index. Shade depth (K/S). Calorific value of solid and liquid energy source conductivity of textile and films.